Curated - Handmade - Ethical & Sustainable
Curated - Handmade - Ethical & Sustainable
Curated - Handmade - Ethical & Sustainable
Curated - Handmade - Ethical & Sustainable
Curated - Handmade - Ethical & Sustainable
Curated - Handmade - Ethical & Sustainable
Founded to promote and distribute the artistry of Indigenous African Design to consumers across North America, Ngala Trading collaborates with artisans across Africa to produce our line of beautifully handcrafted lighting, furniture, and decor accents. The designs incorporate richly textured exotic materials, including leather, horn and ostrich feathers, all sustainably sourced as part of ongoing conservation efforts.

Every collection – including our current Fall/Winter 2020 Collection - showcases items from partners who weave together European and African design ethos in a sophisticated way that avoid overt references to both European high design and African tribal art. The result is a contemporary "safari chic" that is at once relaxed and inviting; cool and alive; that is neither colonial nor primitive, but indigenous. Of Africa.

There is no substitute for Nature's own raw materials - we never substitute faux finishes unless the design requires it. In addition to a variety of horns and game hides, we use exotic indigenous materials such as feathers, ostrich eggs, leather, porcupine quills, suede, horns, and ostrich shins to make lighting, furniture and décor that are not only functional but statement pieces in their own right.

Africa is a vast and resource-rich continent. During our years living and working there (mostly in the East and Southern regions of the continent), we became acquainted with numerous designers, artisans and manufacturers who we promoted in our own retail outlet, and who brought our new product designs to life.

We were surprised on relocating to America in 2016 how little exposure these amazing makers and their products had in North America, especially considering the deep market for quality, hand-made luxury home furnishings in the USA. We launched our first collection to the Trade in July 2016, and began importing products by the container-load a few months later.

Today we proudly supply retail boutiques and interior design firms across North America and the Caribbean Ocean with an ever-growing range of handmade luxury furniture, lighting & décor pieces. 85% of our business is from repeat customers, who value the consistent quality of products we deliver; our deep levels of ready-to-ship inventory; and our on-time deliveries of special orders.

About Ngala Trading

About Ngala Trading Co

We believe one of the leading differentiators between luxury and mass market products is the amount of handwork done by artisans at the source. Discerning customers recognize the craftsmanship in...
...a rattan chair that has been woven by hand,
...a side table carved from a single section of tree trunk,
...a cement and oak coffee table inlay with more than 2,000 fragments of hatched ostrich egg.

Ngala Trading products offer a story. About the material. About the people who made the product. About the cultural meaning of an otherwise functional piece of decor or furniture.

Learn more about how Ngala Trading came to curate and promote Indigenous African Design here.
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