Rattan Tea Light - Medium



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Our lovingly created porcelain ceramics align with the increasing value of the carefully considered hand-made object. The mark and energy of the maker is transferred into the work, and through the tactility of the medium, into the hands of the recipient: a conversation through clay.  Due to the nature of handmade products, each piece is unique and may vary slightly from image shown.

DIMENSIONS: Approx. 3.5"Dia. x 4.75"H
COLOR:  Bone White
MADE OF:  Porcelain
MANUFACTURER:  Lisa Firer Design
MADE IN:  Cape Town, South Africa
CARE:  Porcelain clay combines both delicacy and strength - handle with care.  Spot Clean.  Place votive candle in center of tea light holder to ensure flame is not against inner wall.  

Lisa Firer design is a small-scale ceramic design and production studio that works with the uniqueness that high fired porcelain clay develops through the hand making and firing process. Established in 1996, we slab-build using textured and coloured porcelain. Lisa’s designs reference fabric, patchwork, paper and origami, embossing and debossing; light and layering. Textiles are a huge inspiration. Our work is made of thin hand-rolled slabs of clay with patches, textures, seams and layering. You could say we sew our vessels.

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