Lozi Stool


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Beautifully handcrafted, the Lozi Mortar is uniquely designed and can be used as stools or tables when inverted but have their origins as the traditional kitchen implement used to pound grain, maize and legumes for flour. These mortars are made from hardwood and are carved by hand in Zambia.  Due to the unique handwork of each artisan, each stool will vary from images shown.  

DIMENSIONS:  Approx. 10-12" Dia. x 22-24"H
COLOR:  Natural / White Striped
MADE IN:  Zambia

Did you know?  The Tonga people originally lived in the region which is now filled by the Kariba Dam. When the dam was built the Tonga relocated all around it, on both the Zimbabwe and Zambian sides.  The Tonga hollow out tree trucks and large branches to create stompers which are then used to grind grain.  Stompers make great planters. Turn them upside down and use them as stools, side tables and even light fittings.

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