Porcupine Quill Drum Pendant


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Sustainably sourced porcupine quills are bound together to create this light fixture's striking drum shade. Because of the organic nature of the materials, no two pendants are exactly alike.

DIMENSIONS:  20"Dia. x 10.5"H
COLOR:  Natural 
MADE OF:  Genuine Porcupine Quill / Metal / Copper Wire
MADE IN:  Cape Town, South Africa

Included electrical pendant specifications:
4.7" Single Hole Ceiling Canopy - Black
9' Rayon 3-Wire Cable - Black
60W E26 Double Ferrule Thermoplastic light bulb socket - Black

Did you know? The sharp, sturdy quills of the African crested porcupine give it highly effective protection against predators. Its body is covered with coarse quills 1 to 13 inches long and of varying thicknesses. Its most heavily armed area is its hindquarters, which have short, thick quills.

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