A contemporary-classic table design that draws the eye to the beautifully crafted top, with its resilient and seductive covering of ostrich eggshell. More a work of art than a simple table top, each one is designed and made by hand by AVOOVA’s highly talented artisans.


AVOOVA produces exquisitely hand-crafted décor and larger interior pieces, clothed in a seductive mantle of ostrich eggshell – one of the world’s most luxurious natural veneers. Every one of the many hundreds or thousands of fragments of ostrich eggshell that adorn an AVOOVA piece will have begun the journey as hatched eggs gathered from the ostrich breeders of the Karoo region of South Africa. From fine jewelry to refind table tops, all of AVOOVA’s creations pass through the skill hands of its 50-plus artisans working at AVOOVA’s workshops deep in this remote and beautiful area.

Nama Side Table -Tsitsikamma

    • 20"W x 20"D x 20"H
    • Shown in Charcoal Cement - Available in Grey or Charcoal
    • Solid wood frame in blackened Oak or oiled American Walnut
    • Origin:  Prince Albert, South Africa
    • Manufacturer:  AVOOVA
    • Please allow up to 12 weeks for production

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