Egg, is a spirited blend of heritage, passion, meaning and African soul. It stands the test of time. It’s curiosities that make you smile. It’s love and truth that can be seen from afar and equally found in the minutest details. 

That’s why every piece we craft comes from Africa and carries within it a part of the African soul. We’re a melting pot of tribal craft, African heritage and modern luxurious expression.

Blessing Pot Belly Side Table

    • 19" Dia.  x 21"H
    • Chiseled Alien Timber (Typically Cedar or Jacaranda)
    • Origin:  South Africa
    • Manufacturer:  Egg Designs

    * Note:  Any exposure to natural elements (sunlight, weather conditions, water) will cause natural aging and weathering.  Timber could rack or sun bleach as part of the natural properties of wood.  

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