The seat is one of the most important pieces of furniture in African culture, representing status, wealth & social rank. Stools are most commonly carved by hand, from a single block of wood. Traditionally, stools are used exclusively by one owner as it is believed the spirit of that person is attached to the seat. The rosette design that adorns the Bamileke stool is a visual compliment to the earth spider, heteroscodra crassipes. The spider is a symbol of wisdom and, due to the fact that it lives underground, it is believed to serve as a link between this world & that of the ancestors.



Large:  30-32" DIA

Bamileke Stool - Large

  • The seat is the most important piece of furniture in Africa, usually corresponding to his social rank.  The craftsmen of the Bamileke are famed for their skill in woodcarving. They create a variety of remarkable round stools with repetitive openwork designs, all carved out of one tree trunk stump.