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WIDTH: 55" 
COMPOSITION: 100% Polyester
DURABILITY: 20,000 Martindale
USE:  Outdoor
Sold per yard
** Cut yardage may not be returned or exchanged.  Please confirm your selection with a fabric memo - available upon request **

This fabric has a 100% Polyester composition that provides: 
Superior color fastness; better resistance to fading; resistance to the proliferation of microorganisms; preserves the original texture of the fabric. 
This fabric has a warranty of 500 hours of exposure to sunlight or 1 year.  Fabric is guaranteed against fading due to sunlight and mildew.  This warranty is exclusive to the product and does not extend to processes such as:  labor, installation misuse.  
- Protect from severe weather conditions (sun, rain, heat, cold, humidity, etc);
- Oily products (creams, suntan lotions, food products and others) that were eventually spilled and not totally removed;
- Swimming pool water (due to chlorine) may alter finishing characteristics if not removed.
- Do not use chemicals for cleaning (alkaline or chlorinated)
- Never use abrasive agents (hard bristle brushes or chemicals);
- Regularly clean the surface of the fabric using a vacuum cleaner or soft bristle brush preventing dirt particles (dust) to get fixed on it, making it harder to remove. This dust can make the fabric fade faster, as well alter the finishing characteristics;
- Eliminate as fast as possible accidental dirt with a sponge, a clean cloth or absorbent paper without compressing, the faster you clean it the easier it will be for the dirt to be removed;
- Do not use pressure machine (with or without steam);
- If the fabric has to be washed with water, make sure the water is at room temperature.  Prepare a cleaning solution using a mild soap and water and let it dry in the shade;
- Periodically cleaning with a specialized professional assistance is highly recommended;
- In the manufacturing of upholstery and cushions, apply breathing eyelets for ventilation; Use thin needles and polyester threads when sewing and preferentially a double hem stitching in order to assure the water repellency on the seam;
- If the fabric is to be used in outdoor areas, please make sure that upholstery materials (wood, foam, etc) are treated with anti-mold;
- Do not expose the fabric to humidity (wet) nor heat. In case of contact, clean the fabric immediately to avoid possible stains;
- Do not submit printed fabrics to excessive friction for pigment may be removed; always change cushions and seats positions to extend the lifetime of the fabric; be careful with animals ́ urine for its acidity may adversely affect the fabric's normalcharacteristics; Fabrics with intense colors, given to its higher dye concentration, may stain light color fabrics if they are exposed together.
- In order to make the lifetime of the fabric last longer, use a slipcover in your furniture.
Avoid storage in wet, extremely warm or unventilated environments.
The durability of the fabric and its finish is associated to the good maintenance and use of the product. This finish after several uses and washes loses its effectiveness requiring a reapplication. However, Fiama does not provide this service. We do not recommend mixing different batches when manufacturing products.
This product is not intended for maritime areas. 

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