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The Burchell Zebra is the most common and abundant species of plains zebra in Africa.  A member of the horse family, zebra can be found in most Savannah environments including southern and eastern parts of Africa.  The average size of a zebra hide is 8-9 ft long x 64" wide.  Hides come in varying qualities.  Ngala Trading specializes in 'A-Grade' hides, which are characterized by relatively few natural scars.  To receive images of in-stock hides, please email info@ngalatrading.com 

DIMENSIONS: Approx. 8-9ft L x 64"W
COLOR:  Natural 
MADE OF:  Ethically Sourced Burchell Zebra Hide / Felt Backing
MADE IN:  Cape Town, South Africa

Did You Know? Burchell zebra (Equus quagga burchellii) are a sub-species of the general zebra and which was named for British explorer and naturalist William John Burchell. They are the only zebra which may be legally exported.
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