Vetiver Basket - Small


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This nest shaped basket has a unique smell.  Handmade by Madagascan crafts families after essential oils used in the manufacturing of perfume are extracted, the dried roots are used to make this unique article.  Vetiver plants also play an important role in land stabilization and prevention of erosion in Madagascar.

DIMENSIONS: Approx. 9"Dia. x 3.5"H
COLOR:  Natural
MADE OF:  Vetiver Root
MADE IN:  Madagascar

Did you know?  Vetiver essential oil is a highly esteemed and widely used ingredient in modern perfumery. It is one of the few oils that improve with age. Its distinctive woody, earthy odor makes it a favorite in men’s fragrances, and its relative viscosity and low volatility give it fixative properties that prolong the life of any composition. It is one of the ingredients in Chanel No. 5.

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